Lost a stone, Gained the Gem of Life.

Weight loss seems like one of the most troublesome journeys an obese person has to take—a journey coated with sweat and a lot of courage. But most importantly, this trip requires consistency and a lot of determination. Losing a stone seems very troublesome and, in a week, seems impossible. Over time, we have seen several success stories of people losing a stone in a week. Let’s get some motivation from them.

1. Jyoti Tyagi

  • She is the most inspirational of them all who weighed 18.9 stones at her heaviest.

Her Story:

She was 32 years old when she had self-realization when she thought she was having a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night but turned out it was panic and an anxiety attack. That’s when it hit her that she is so young, and she should be able to live without worrying about such deadly problems.

The Change:

She took up our diet and exercise plan and put her heart and soul into it. She started taking proper meals and proper exercise twice a day. Within a week, she and even her family member could see an unbelievable change in her. She has lost one full stone just with her determination and proper contentment.

2. Amar and Priya Singh 

  • They are a massive inspiration to all those heavy couples who are laughed at parties and get-togethers.

Their Story:

Priya weighed 17.5 stones, and Amar was 18.3 stones when they had their first child Alia together. The baby was also born with a lot of difficulties in the pregnancy. Then, Priya and Amar decided to raise the baby more with ease and less with problems.

The Change:

They both took our plan together and worked out together. They took the challenges on together and fought obesity with ease. Both of them were able to lose one stone each in one week and became a source of inspiration for all such couples.

3. Arav Jain 

  • He is a teenager who at 15 weighed around 22 stones.

His Story:

He was bullied at school and didn’t care a bit about his weight even after being told multiple times by friends and family. He didn’t enjoy games at school and didn’t also join any extra-curricular activities. His body became lethargic at a very young age, and he didn’t have any motivation to step out and do something about this issue. He would lie down on his bed and play video games all day; this made him gain weight even more. Once he fell on the ground while walking and became unconscious, he wasn’t hurt from the fall, but he became unconscious because of him suffering from diabetes. Diabetes at 15, made him lose his mind; he then understood what his friends and families were trying to make him aware.

The Change:

He then got concerned about the life that lay in front of him. He stuck with the plan and started doing proper exercise. The results were terrific and faster than expected. With a skin not used to the fat, Arav was able to lose around 1.1 stone within a week.

The only thing these stories have taught us is that obesity brings with it many more problems, and losing weight is not that big of an issue as can you maintain and stick to it. If they can do it, so can you. 

Start your plan today!

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